Friday, March 30, 2012

SwiftPayMD™ iPhone/iPad App Helps Doctors Get Paid

Doctors always seem to struggle with the reimbursement issue. Here's something that may help: SwiftPayMD

This is a press release that came out a few days ago:

New SwiftPayMD™ iPhone/iPad App Helps Doctors Get Paid More, Faster

Iconic Data expands its mobile technology offerings with an app that lets physicians 'Touch, Talk, and Submit' bills in real-time

CHICAGO, March 28, 2012 - Iconic Data, the healthcare IT startup that provides healthcare professionals with HIPAA compliant mobile technology solutions to improve productivity, profitability and patient safety, today announced the launch of SwiftPayMD™, an all-new mobile revenue cycle management app for the iPhone and iPad that lets on-the-go doctors immediately submit patient diagnosis and billing information to their office from the hospital point of care via speech.

SwiftPayMD™ allows physicians to 'Touch, Talk, and Submit' billing data eliminating the need for paper-based billing cards and manual data entry. Charges are captured via voice, encrypted, and instantaneously delivered to the physician's home billing department. The app features a template for physicians to follow and the ability to securely capture patient demographics from a wristband or face sheet with the smart phone camera. Using SwiftPayMDTM at the point of care ensures doctors get paid for 100% of the work they do, eliminates lost, damaged and illegible billing cards, and speeds up the process. Doctors get paid as much as 30 days sooner than when using a paper process.

"Physicians are losing a lot of revenue as a result of archaic paper-based billing processes still needed today to address the lack of communication between hospital information systems and private practice physician offices," said David LaBorde, CEO and co-founder of Iconic Data. "The widespread adoption of mobile smart phones and tablet technologies has created a paradigm shift in medicine. SwiftPayMD™ helps physicians improve their practice's financial performance leveraging increasingly ubiquitous smart phone technology."

SwiftPayMD™ is available now from the Apple store for $99 per month. There are no upfront costs. Physicians subscribe and go live. No implementation or integration is needed. The solution works with any billing system and can be used with or without an electronic medical records system. The company is offering a 30-day free trial.

About Iconic Data:

Founded in 2010, Iconic Data provides secure and encrypted mobile technology solutions for individual physicians and private practice groups. SwiftPayMD™ is the only iPhone and iPad billing app that replaces paper-based physician billing cards via a real-time billing delivery system and fills the a critical gap between the hospital point of care and the physician's back office. Iconic Data was selected to participate in the 2012 inaugural class and has received seed funding from Healthbox, a world-class business accelerator for healthcare startups launched by Chicago-based business incubator and venture-capital firm Sandbox Industries. Iconic Data is a privately held company based in Atlanta. For more information about SwiftPayMD™, please visit

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