Monday, July 30, 2012

The LifeWatch V is the first true "medical smartphone"

When I started this site a few years ago with the title "Medical Smartphones," I intended to write about the ways that medical professionals and students were using smartphones in the clinical setting. It wasn't my intention to write about smartphones that were designed as medical devices. Now, we're in an era where such devices are emerging on the market.

The LifeWatch V is a fully featured Android smartphone that has several built-in medical devices. It looks just like any other smartphone, yet its stainless steel frame packs quick, accurate and high-quality medical sensors, and powers seven health tests.

Each medical test works with the sensors and is presented as an application: ECG, Body Temperature, Blood Glucose, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body Fat and Stress Test.

Sounds like the developers built this smartphone to win the Tricorder X PRIZE.

You can learn more about the LifeWatch V here.

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