Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance Unveils ‘Connected Health World’

Web Portal for Products, Services and Opportunities in Wireless Health Ecosystem

SAN DIEGO – October 23, 2012 – The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) today announced the launch of Connected Health World, an online portal through which healthcare industry and government representatives, clinicians, academics and others can share and obtain timely information about products, services and opportunities in the wireless health ecosystem.

WLSA is announcing the community driven portal in conjunction with its seventh annual Wireless Health 2012 conference, being held in La Jolla, California for leaders in the digital revolution in healthcare.

Connected Health World is a resource to facilitate global collaboration and learning among the public and participants from industry, academia, clinical practice and government. Companies such as QualcommLife and Sotera Wireless have listed products in the portal, while other companies are registered and will log products in the coming weeks.

Connected Health World will include a community-sourced database of products, services, applications, organizations, funding opportunities and research abstracts in the connected health arena. Site listings enable users to connect with each other to discuss and collaborate on opportunities.

Connected Health World users can:

· Register and list a qualifying database entry.
· Search a comprehensive database of wireless health products, services and companies.
· Contact database registrants.
· Find information about funding and collaboration opportunities.
· Read the latest industry news and research.

For information about WLSA or Connected Health World, visit www.wirelesslifesciences.org or contact David Scott at dscott@wirelesslifesciences.org or 619.846.8040.

About Connected Health World:
Connected Health World is an online resource providing timely information about products, services and opportunities within the connected and wireless health ecosystem. It is intended to facilitate collaboration and learning among participants from industry, academia, clinical practice and government. Connected Health World is hosted by the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, its members and other corporate sponsors. For a full listing of WLSA members please visit the WLSA website. Connected Health World’s new social media addresses are:


About WLSA:
The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) is a global trade organization that brings together CEOs from the world’s most innovative wireless health companies with business leaders and researchers in healthcare and technology to accelerate business opportunities and improve healthcare. Founded in 2005, the WLSA is the first and still the only membership organization that is exclusively devoted to the development of a global ecosystem for wireless health. In an increasingly confusing environment of promotional claims, WLSA brings clarity to the sector by identifying and convening the most committed global organizations, entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians, thought leaders and policy makers. The WLSA hosts two annual conferences in San Diego. Visit http://www.wirelesslifesciences.org to learn more about the association and its members, follow WLSA at WLSA_org and join the WLSA LinkedIn group to receive industry updates and join the connected conversation.

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