Saturday, November 03, 2012

Discussing iOS vs. Android here at the #ACPE Fall Institute

I'm here at the ACPE Fall Institute and I've been chatting with many physicians about social media apps for their smartphones. Of course, the question often comes up: iOS vs. Android? I've used both extensively and still have phones and tablets running both.

You'll usually find me carrying an iPhone 5 and an iPad. I used to carry an Android tablet, but I stopped using that when I began using writing apps + stylus pen on my iPad.

According to the 2011 Manhattan Research Taking the Pulse study, 75% of physicians use some type of Apple device like an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Their 2012 report indicated that tablet adoption doubled with the iPad being the dominant platform.

I continue to use both iOS and Android and I plan to start exploring Windows Phone and Windows RT to see how these newer platforms will be relevant for healthcare professionals.

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