Tuesday, January 08, 2013

AliveCor's iPhone EKG Heart Monitor Now Shipping

The AliveCor's iPhone EKG Heart Monitor is shipping in the USA now!

I have one of these and I would highly recommend this as an absolutely essential accessory for any US health care professional who uses an iPhone.

The current case fits the iPhone 4 or 4S and a case for the iPhone 5 should be coming later this year.

The Heart Monitor snaps onto your iPhone for an instant ECG rate and rhythm assessment tool that fits in your pocket.

AliveCor’s Heart Monitor has been used in several clinical trials along with rigorous testing through numerous medical professionals and in many ongoing studies at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USC’s Center for Body Computing, and other institutions. Abstracts were presented in 2012 at three major cardiology meetings, demonstrating usability, accuracy, and the ability to use the device for community screening.

The device is currently available to U.S. medical professionals only.

Learn more and place your order here.

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