Sunday, February 10, 2013

Apple iOS wrist watch (iWatch)

There are growing rumors on the Internet about a wrist watch from Apple. Will such a device run iOS or will it run a simplified operating system like the ones found on touch-screen iPod nanos? I have a 6th generation iPod nano (the square one) that I'll occasionally wear on the my wrist. It's a fun touch-screen watch and I can change the watch face easily. However, the display doesn't remain on all the time, so it's a bit annoying that I have to press the button to see the time. Also, the device doesn't have Bluetooth, so I can't use my Bluetooth headphones. I could use a Bluetooth adapter, but it drains the battery too quickly.

I predict that eventually Apple will release some type of wrist watch that will include:
  • Motion sensors like what you see on the Jawbone UP or the Nike + Fuel Band
  • Bluetooth so that you can stream your music to your Bluetooth headphones
  • Touch screen
  • Interface with your iOS device like iPhone or iPad to show incoming calls, emails, text messages, etc. 
Maybe the first version of the Apple iWatch will resemble the Motorola MOTOACTV - Fitness Tracker. But, without the GPS tracking and the heart rate monitor. After all, Apple has traditionally designed their products to appeal to the general consumer market. Most people don't need GPS tracking or heart rate monitoring when they exercise. Also, most consumers don't exercise regularly (although they probably should). 

This year, the Quantified Self movement (self-tracking movement and physical activity with digital gadgets) is seeing many new devices entering the market. Will Apple enter the QS market in 2013 or 2014? I can't imagine that they would wait much longer than that. 

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