Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where is Windows Phone going?

I find myself wondering what the mobile folks are doing at Microsoft. Where is Windows Phone going? How will it differentiate itself from iOS or Android to really make a significant impact? Windows Phone 8 resembles Windows 8 in many ways. But, that's not going to be enough to get people to switch. Windows Phone is an elegant OS, but right now there are not enough apps for Windows Phone. This is especially true if you look at professional medical apps for medical students, residents, and physicians.

My mobile ecosystem uses so many cloud-based apps that I work in a device-agnostic fashion. I can grab almost any device - iOS, Android, Windows 8 - and get my work done. I have access to all my critical files and my applications.

Perhaps eventually we will all work like this. If we rely on web apps that are running on any web browser, then the issue of native apps will become irrelevant. However, the native app vs. web app (HTML5) debate will probably never end in my lifetime, so I will find myself testing and playing around with a wide variety of mobile devices to keep up with them.

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