Monday, June 03, 2013

Will the smartwatch replace the smartphone?

As technology advances, I find myself wondering if the smartwatch will ultimately replace that smartphone that we put into our pockets. Add a Bluetooth earpiece and some Google Glass - type of visual aid, and you don't really need a smartphone. You can do all your mobile computing through a tiny digital device that you simply wear on your wrist. Plus, the smartwatch can monitor your physical activity and give you quantitative data on your fitness each day.

The first generation of smartwatches will emerge in 2013 from major smartphone OEMs like Apple, Samsung, and others. These devices will probably rely on your smartphone for essential functions, so they won't be designed to replace your smartphone. However, eventually we'll start seeing models that will have full cellular capability. Once the smartwatch phenomenon really takes off, the days of the traditional smartphone may be over.

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