Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Japanese Mobile Healthcare Market #mHealth

What do you know about the Japanese Mobile Healthcare Market? Here's a release from research2guidance about the mHealth market in Japan:

The Japanese Mobile Healthcare Market Offers Significant Reach For Top Performing Apps

Successful Japanese mobile health apps generated 1.79 million downloads in the Apple App Store. The iOS platform offers significantly better business opportunities for Health & Fitness apps in Japan than the Android store.

Despite the dominance of Android in other countries, iOS mHealth apps in Japan still get higher download numbers and generate more money than their Android counterparts. This is a result of a new benchmarking study of the Japanese mHealth app market. The benchmarking includes 147 apps from the Health & Fitness and the Medical category ranked top 10 in the first quarter of 2013.

These findings are part of our report “Japan: mHealth Apps Performance Benchmarking”. Successful apps that are listed in the in Apple App Store’s Health & Fitness category generate 2 times more free and 17 times more paid downloads than apps from the Android store.

The iPad plays a minor role for Health & Fitness apps in Japan. The most successful app have not generated more than 50,000 free and 8,000 paid downloads in Apples iPad store; Although the bigger screen of the iPad becomes more important for paid Medical apps (not shown in the graph above). Interestingly successful paid Medical apps that run on the iPad generate more paid downloads on average than their iPhone and Android counterparts.

This analysis is part of our new series of mobile health benchmarking reports starting with the USA, Germany, and Brazil. Our benchmarking report series compares the app market performance amongst the most successful mHealth apps on the iOS and Android platforms. We will be publishing reports about the UK and a comprehensive cross-country benchmarking of all mentioned countries soon. See the report preview for a more detailed description of the Japan report. Comments and feedback are highly welcome.

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