Monday, September 23, 2013

MIT course on "How to Build a Tricorder"

I wish I could be back at MIT to take the course MAS.S63 (H)  Engineering Health: How to Build a Tricorder

MAS = Media Arts and Sciences

Here's a brief description of this course:
The overall goal is to build a real life Tricorder, as defined by the Tricorder X-Prize with a purse of $10MM. Through guest lectures and 10 hands on laboratories, students will learn to fabricate, remix, and design detection and monitoring devices for health following the core focus of the Tricorder, a portable, handheld diagnostic device which can brings health solutions to consumers at home or in remote parts of the world. Hands-on labs on a weekly basis in a new dedicated health technology research facility at the Media Lab. Students with successful prototype projects that show a potential for impact are eligible for travel to India to our clinical partner sites.
The MIT Media Lab is right across from the MIT Health Center. Maybe if those MIT students create a Tricorder, the doctors and nurses at the MIT Health Center will have a powerful tool in their pocket!

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