Friday, January 01, 2010

Why my physician wife doesn't want an Android smartphone

My wife is a family physician and she's currently using a Windows Mobile smartphone. She's also a Mac user and we're on the Verizon network. I'm a PC user and I currently have a Windows Mobile smartphone. My next smartphone will be running Android.

Now, if we weren't on Verizon, we'd all know that she'd choose the Apple iPhone (yes, she is a Mac addict).

If she weren't a Mac user, then it would make a lot of sense to stick with Windows Mobile. She's had 2 different Windows Mobile devices in the past and she's been fine with both of them.

Why doesn't she want an Android smartphone? Here are the main reasons:
  • Her paid Windows Mobile apps go down the drain. That's right, you can't transfer those software licenses. Therefore, those apps she purchased over the years will no longer work on Android. There is no Windows Mobile emulator for Android.
  • The relative lack of medical apps for Android. I realize that we should see a wealth of medical apps appearing in 2010, but she needs apps and she needs them NOW. She can't wait until March or April. We know that Epocrates and mobilePDR will be releasing Android apps in the early part of 2010.
  • Complexities associated with syncing the Mac with Android smartphones. Unless you have an iPhone, you can expect to use some type of third-party application to sync all your Outlook data (contacts, calendar, notes, etc.) from your Mac to your Android smartphone. BlackBerry has Desktop Software for Mac, but Android doesn't.
At the end of the day, she may still choose an Android-based smartphone like the Motorola Droid or the HTC Droid Eris because all the Pros could outweigh Cons. Let's wait and see what she does over the next few weeks. I'm guessing that she'll make a decision by mid-January. 

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  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    We too have the same problem, but, in our case, my wife has an aging treo loaded with palm software. I would love to get her an iphone for the following reasons: epocrates essentials deluxe available now, many other medical apps available at app store, one device many functions, positive experience with apple products, awesome screen resolution, etc. The problem is verizon is the best carrier in our area, no AT&T 3G here in rural PA. What is the best choice to replace her Treo?? She won't part with epocrates essentials deluxe, the integration of the drug data with lab and other information makes this software a must have for her.
    What are our best options? I thought about getting her an ipod touch and downgrading her to a basic phone until Driod phones get a full functioning epocrates program or AT&T expands their network here. But then again, we will be investing in software for the ipod, why would we want to switch to an Android phone latter? Plus she will look like a special operations officer again carrying three or four devices on her belt everyday. We went to the treo to consolidate her phone and pda into one device.
    Any suggestions would be helpful!