Saturday, April 25, 2009

More EHRs Compatible with Smartphones

Does your EHR (Electronic Health Record) run on your smartphone? More EHR providers are creating either a special web-based interface or an application for their platform. Some examples include Nextgen and Allscripts for the iPhone. Undoubtedly, the Apple iPhone has one of the best mobile browsers built into the operating system. As soon as other platforms like Windows Mobile and BlackBerry include more powerful browsers into the standard operating system, the iPhone will continue to dominate the mobile EHR space.


  1. I am not sure how you can say, "until other smartphones like Blackberry include a more robust browser the iPhone will dominate the EHR space." The Blackberry Storm supports a full HTML Brower just as robust as the iPhone. Windows Mobile Devices do as well. The nice thing about these two platforms is if your work email is tied to a corporate server, good luck getting it to the iPhone. Windows Mobile and Blackberry blow iPhone away when it comes tpo corporate email support, screen resolution. and overall performance!

  2. The browser on the BlackBerry Storm is actually quite impressive, but the hardware is still sluggish in my opinion (however, this may have improved with recent ROM updates). Pocket IE found on current Windows Mobile devices runs very poorly. It lacks the full-screen view and the fast navigation that's on the Apple iPhone. Windows Mobile 6.5 may bring some new surprises, but existing hardware will need some serious upgrades to compete. I've tried several browsers on my Windows Mobile phone and they simply don't compare to the iPhone.

  3. Given the small screen size of smartphones, tablet PC could well be the thing that solve doc's problem.