Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dunkin' Run is great for interns and medical students

Let's face it. When you're the low man on the totem pole, you'll be making some Dunkin Donut runs in the middle of the night. Dunkin' Run is a nice iPhone app that may come in very handy if you're a medical student or intern (senior residents don't bring coffee, do they?). If you're an intern, welcome to the real world of medicine. You've now been promoted to be the lowest man on the totem pole (medical students aren't even on the pole yet).

The Dunkin' Run is the easiest way to grab that delicious pick-me-up for you and your friends. Here's how it works:

  • INVITE: Start a run at from your computer, mobile device, or our iPhone application . You are now "the runner", and pick which friends you'd like to invite by providing their email or mobile phone number (no spaces or dashes e.g. 1234567890).
  • ORDER: Select what you want from the menu, and we'll contact your friends and tell them to do the same.
  • RUN: Go get the goods. We'll compile all orders for you, and you can print it out or have it sent to your mobile device (if you print it, just hand the print out to the Dunkin' crew member at the shop and they'll take it from there).
  • ENJOY! Bring the goodies back, and enjoy the deliciousness, along with the hero worship from your friends.

It's that Easy. Simply Invite, Order, Run, and Enjoy! Now, you'll never have an excuse to say that you didn't have time to order coffee...

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