Thursday, July 23, 2009

HTC Hero reviewed on Engadget

The HTC Hero running Google Android as its operating system (OS) has been reviewed by Engadget. What's the verdict? They think that the HTC Hero represents the best Android phone (for now), but the hardware is disappointing. HTC has made some incredible refinements to the Android OS, but the hardware isn't able to support everything in an optimal way.

Well, that's a bit disappointing. I wasn't planning on switching to Android because of the paucity of medical software that's currently available. However, it would be nice to expand the smartphone space with additional options. I'm a big HTC fan. I've owned several phones made by HTC and I think they do a great job designing their devices.

To read the review on Engadget, click here.

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  1. I love reading your blogs, both because I am in medical school and a technology geek, however I would like to make one request. Could you please make links back to the original source articles? For example, I would like to read more about Engadget's review, but the information only stops at your page and I have to manually go to Engadget to find the link.