Thursday, July 23, 2009

New iPods and old iPod accessories

I'm getting quite annoyed that older Apple iPod accessories are no longer working on newer iPod models. For instance, I have a Firewire charger that works on several of the older iPods. However, it won't work on the new iPod touch or the newest iPod nano. I also have a Belkin auto kit that works really well on my older iPods, but doesn't charge any of my new iPods. I have some power tips that work on my iGo, Kensington, and Targus universal power adapters. They also don't work on the newer iPods.

I'm so disappointed that I can't use my old charging tips and peripherals with my newer iPods. Why did you make this change Apple? The iPod dock connector looks the same, but it doesn't work the same way. That's very annoying. Will Apple issue a software update that fixes this issue? Can it be fixed via software/firmware, or is this a hardware issue?

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