Saturday, July 25, 2009

Medical software for Google Android

What type of medical software can you get for smartphones running Google Android? Your options are quite limited at this point. However, Unbound Medicine has several titles that are currently available for Android. We should also see mobilePDR for Android released in early 2010. It's only a matter of time before we start seeing many other providers offering medical software for Google Android. My prediction is that we'll see Epocrates, Skyscape, and PEPID come up with software for Android. You can always get access to certain references via mobile websites. Epocrates and UpToDate both have mobile-friendly websites that can be used by almost any smartphone.


  1. Any ideas about this. I am torn between the G1 android and a I pod Touch with a cheaper Nokia phone for the calling part. Any advice.
    Also careerwise... I am a recently qualified MBBS graduate about to start my residency in the UK. I am also have a Masters in Public Health but I am interested in non clinical areas of medicine, particularly how Technology can help the NHS. Do you have any career advice.

  2. I have no way of contacting you. Please send me an e-mail directly.

  3. @DrFirst - In this day and age various doctors are benefiting from the internet to conduct web consultations. Medical Software Systems generate accurate reports from anywhere in the world. Also, health maintenance reminders can establish a linked connection with an EMR system to provide superior patient care.

    The software integrates with ease - it's compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux. It's great for out billing system too!