Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thomson Clinical Xpert

Do you use Thomson Clinical Xpert? I used this back in the days when it was called Micromedex. Remember those days? Currently, Clinical Xpert is only available for the original Palm OS and for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile). It's more than a simple drug database or drug reference guide. To get an idea about different types of databases, here's the list of what you can download:

(check ALL databases you want on your handheld PDA)
Approximate Size Expires The date on which this product subscription with Thomson MICROMEDEX expires.  You will no longer receive updates for this product after the date shown.
Palm Pocket PC
Alternative Medicine Information 461 KB 461 KB 12/14/2010
Calculators 27 KB 27 KB 12/14/2010
Disease Information 4230 KB 4230 KB 12/14/2010
Drug Information 13769 KB 13769 KB 12/14/2010
Drug Interaction Tool 1400 KB 1400 KB 12/14/2010
Supplemental Info 2291 KB 2291 KB
Mobile Lab Advisor 2548 KB 2548 KB 12/14/2010
Toxicology Information 1013 KB 1013 KB 12/14/2010
Xpert Alerts™ 5 KB 5 KB 12/31/2020
Auto-View Alerts 0 KB 0

It's great to have resources like this for the PDA/smartphone. Will we see a version of the Apple iPhone? What about Google Android or WebOS?


  1. can anyone tell me the exact site to download those medical softwares


  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    this web site: is a mess. No way to find the program we are looking for.