Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't use a single Epocrates account on multiple smartphones or PDAs

I recently switched smartphones. I went from an old HTC smartphone running Windows Mobile and I tried the BlackBerry Storm. Then, I switched back to my old HTC, and then I recently ordered the HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile. That's the phone I'm using right now.

In the midst of all this smartphone switching, I loaded Epocrates so that I could see how it runs on the BlackBerry Storm. All of this took place over several weeks and as a result, I got a note from Epocrates indicating that my account was being used on multiple devices. I quickly explained my situation and received a pleasant reply from the support folks at Epocrates.

This made me think: perhaps some medical students and residents might try to get together and "share" a single Epocrates account on multiple smartphones or PDAs (I'll refer to the iPod touch as a PDA). If you try this, you'll run into some problems. Therefore, make sure you're using your own Epocrates account on your device.

So what if you have multiple devices? I suggest you contact Epocrates support to see what they suggest. In my case, I use a Windows Mobile smartphone. I also have an Apple iPod touch, but I don't use that as a PDA. I use my iPod touch to entertain my kids during long car rides.

Epocrates is available for free, or you may wish to purchase Epocrates Rx Pro, Epocrates Essentials, or some of the other upgraded software suites they offer (may not run on all smartphones).

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