Thursday, August 06, 2009

Transitioning from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry

I've been a Windows Mobile user for so many years that I've learned many tips and 'secrets' about the operating system. I can be very efficient and I know which critical apps I need to be productive during the day.

One of the problems with the BlackBerry is the paucity of apps that are currently out there. Compared to Windows Mobile, the BlackBerry Storm has few apps that I depend on. However, I see that this trend is slowly changing.

The Storm is a great phone for people who need a corporate smartphone. If you're using something for work and you're mainly checking e-mails and keeping a calendar, then the BlackBerry is the optimal device. However, if you need something for work, entertainment, GPS navigation, and other personal uses, then that's where Windows Mobile has an edge.

I'm torn by indecision. Why? Because my Windows Mobile options are very limited. If I keep this Storm, will I regret that decision in several months?

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  1. A. J.6:22 AM

    I have Sprint and use the motorola Q9c. I'm pretty sure version has the same thing. This thing runs Win mobile 6.1 and has a keyboard that's one of the best I've found for typing on... which leads me to ask what you think of typing an e-mail on the storm? Since owning a treo 650 I haven't been able to seriously consider a phone without a keyboard - except for the iphone but neither of us have tmobile/att.