Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HTC Touch Pro2 (Verizon): initial impressions from day 1

I got my HTC Touch Pro2 (HTC Rhodium - CDMA version) from Verizon Wireless today. Here are some of my initial thoughts after using it for a few hours:
  • What? No LED flash for the camera? (I need a flashlight!)
  • This thing is HUGE! (of course, the screen is 3.6" and I'm used to the old Windows Mobile smartphones that had 2.8" screens). Actually, the phone isn't that big. It's just taller than most.
  • I love the big screen. The 480x800 resolution can be good and bad. This may cause some problems with some software.
  • My TomTom navigator software doesn't work (must be the display setting)
  • I don't really need a world phone...
  • This thing is fast, even with TouchFLO 3D
  • Love the chiclet keyboard (think of Chiclets gum)
  • Thin and wimpy stylus, but who needs it?
  • Very finger-touch friendly (thanks to TouchFLO 3D)
  • I wish it had a 4-way directional pad (or D-pad)
  • Great sound and speaker phone quality
  • Love the tilting screen when I have it on my desk.
  • Thank you for staying with a mini-USB connector. I can use all my old USB cables and chargers!
  • Opera is very stable (no crashes, although I mainly use Skyfire)
  • Can't wait to load a custom ROM

When I set the HTC Touch Pro2 next to an Apple iPhone, the screen sizes look very similar. The height and width are also very similar. However, the iPhone is much thinner. My old HTC XV6800 (HTC Titan) seems small compared to the Touch Pro2 (it's actually shorter, but thicker). For the last few days, I've been using the XV6900 (HTC Touch/Vogue) and that phone is tiny.

So, my overall impressions are a bit mixed. I think this is one of the best smartphones that Verizon has ever carried. If I could change a few things on this device, I would add some type of compatibility mode to change the screen resolution so that older software will run on it. I'd also bring back the LED flash (I used that all the time as a flashlight). The hardware keyboard adds bulk to this device, so that's unavoidable unless you get a different phone that lacks the keyboard. 

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