Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Touch Pro2 will get Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade

Many of you already know that the HTC Touch Pro2 (HTC Rhodium) will get an official ROM upgrade to Windows 6.5. This device currently runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and when you do that ROM upgrade, you'll have to reinstall all your applications and re-sync all your contacts/calendar/etc. The upgrade to 6.5 will be offered through Sprint, Verizon, and other carriers.

Since the Touch Pro2 currently includes the TouchFLO 3D interface, I don't think you'll see any major changes after you upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5. I'm more curious about Windows Mobile 7. When is that going to come out?


  1. I'll be interested to see how the 6.5 works out. I have the Verizon Touch Pro 2 also.

  2. I'm still experiencing terrible battery life on my upgraded Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 when I have the Bluetooth ON. I hope that we'll see a patch that fixes this problem on the Verizon version of the Touch Pro2.