Thursday, September 17, 2009

Epocrates phasing out support for older devices

Who still uses these types of old devices? I suppose if you're a hungry medical student and you can get a cheap PDA on eBay for $20, then maybe you're in this category.

Epocrates has announced that they will be phasing out support for older Palm OS and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices. Specifically, older devices, including those with Palm OS less than 5 and Pocket PC 2002 OS, will lose support.

If you have a Pocket PC, go into Settings, and then click on "About" to see what version you're running. Some older devices (like some of the HP iPaq models) run Pocket PC 2002.

Speaking of Windows Mobile, the Epocrates interface isn't very "touch-friendly" in its current build. You really need a stylus to effectively navigate around. Let's hope that the developers at Epocrates updates and refreshes the Windows Mobile software so that it becomes more touch-friendly for those of us who are stuck with the Microsoft operating system. Why don't we all just switch to the Apple iPhone? If I weren't married to Verizon, would I still be running Windows Mobile? Maybe... (but probably not)

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