Friday, September 18, 2009

Palm to focus only on webOS

Palm has announced that they will focus on a single operating system for all their smartphones: Palm webOS
  • Gone are the days of grayscale screens (did you have one of those?)
  • Gone are the days of the classic Palm OS. 
  • Gone are the days when Palm would make a Treo that ran Windows Mobile
  • Gone are the days of standalone PDAs since all the focus is now on smartphones
The Treo was a great smartphone. My wife and I both had the Treo 700wx running Windows Mobile. The latest version called the Treo Pro is a really nice device, but it didn't get around very much (and it won't last long at this point). I doubt that we'll see the name "Treo" associated with any new Palm devices. Remember who made the first Treo? Handspring (180, 90, etc). Did you have one of those?

Smartphones are here to stay. Standalone PDAs are disappearing (unless you count the iPod touch as a standalone PDA). Now, let's see who ends up winning the battle of the smartphone operating systems.

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