Saturday, September 05, 2009

Smartphones on the beach

You can guess where I'm spending my Labor Day weekend. At the beach, I see so many young people using smartphones. I'm taking about high school students. They're carrying iPhones, BlackBerries, and even smartphones running Windows Mobile. It must be tough to keep up with the "cool crowd" unless you carry a smartphone in high school.

It's difficult to find people reading a book at the beach. Everyone is on their smartphone texting (SMS and soon MMS) away. Or, they're browsing mobile web pages, sending tweets on Twitter, or simply catching up with all their e-mail. Even corporate executives are out there trying to keep up with their workload as they respond to important e-mails. I caught a couple of people using their laptops or netbooks on the beach (they were tethering to get online).

Vacationing simply isn't the same anymore. You can't escape once you have a smartphone. If high school students are becoming dependent on these devices, then what will the world look like in a few years?

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