Thursday, October 29, 2009

The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) now on Verizon Wireless

The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) is now on sale at Verizon Wireless. You can get one for $179.99! That's not a bad price, but if you're really looking for a bargain, the original Storm is only $49.99.

The Storm 2 includes some new features that you won't find on the original Storm, such as:
  • V CAST Videos
  • WiFi
  • More internal Flash RAM for applications
Why only 256 MB of Flash Memory? If you're going to have 2 GB of on–board storage memory, why didn't they allocate more memory for apps (applications)? The original Storm only had 128 MB of FlashRAM and I filled that up very quickly with a few medical apps.

Health care professionals are getting drawn to BlackBerry. The Apple iPhone continues to dominate in health care. Many physicians abandoned the Palm OS and didn't want to switch to Sprint to get the Palm Pre running webOS. Others didn't want to switch to Windows Mobile and they didn't want to wait for an Android-powered smartphone.

My prediction is that the Storm 2 will be a hit among medical students and professionals who don't need to load too many medical apps. I'm disappointed that the Storm 2 only has 256 MB of RAM, but maybe that will be enough storage space for the average user.

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