Monday, October 05, 2009

Have you tried Medscape Mobile for iPhone or iPod touch?

Medscape Mobile is an app for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch and here's what it offers:
  • DRUG DATABASE with over 6,000 generics and brands, browse by drug class or search by drug name
  • DRUG INTERACTION CHECKER - check interactions between drugs, herbals and/or supplements
  • MEDICAL NEWS and mobile CME in 30+ specialty areas
  • DIRECTORIES with physicians, pharmacy, and hospital listings
  • AVAILABLE FREE - no cost to download application
To learn more about Medscape Mobile, click here.

Now, you may feel left out if you don't own an iPhone or iPod touch. You can still access important content by pointing your mobile web browser here:


  1. I have not reviewed the app but the reviews are very mixed with more negatives than positive. High amounts of low rating is a phenomena that plagues free apps. People now expect a lot for free.

    Jeff Brandt

  2. Track, sort, plan and email your CME activities directly from your iPhone!