Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The HTC Imagio gets reviewed by Brighthand

The HTC Imagio has received its review by the folks over at Brighthand. What's the verdict? It's probably the best iPhone imitator (they didn't say "killer"). If you're stuck on the Verizon network and you're dying for an Apple iPhone, the HTC Imagio may be the best thing you can find until Verizon actually gets the iPhone. Of course, you'll have to use Windows Mobile 6.5 if you get the Imagio, so if you're an "anti-Microsoft" fanatic out there, then you should simply wait for the iPhone.

Here's the summary:

* Large, high-resolution screen
* Solid build quality
* Well stocked with software
* Inconsistent speed
* Less memory than it should have
Reviews reflect real opinions, but your opinion may be quite different. I enjoy reading reviews, but I find that I generally only agree with about 50-75% of what editors publish in their reviews. To read the full review of the HTC Imagio on Brighthand, click here.

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