Saturday, October 10, 2009

Will Google Android beat iPhone?

Google Android is still a relatively new smartphone operating system, but some people seem to think that Android may beat Apple iPhone in a few years. Do you believe it?

Does Google have the resources to beat Apple? Smartphones are evolving rapidly and more physicians and healthcare professionals will be using smartphones in the future. Will Apple dominate the marketplace? Or, will Google win the smartphone war?

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  1. Well, I would hope so, especially for a field that changes as frequently as the medical field. Do you want to be waiting for weeks to see if Apple is going to approve the change to the iPhone app that is giving you incorrect data?

    Remember, approval can takes weeks, and be rejected by Apple for almost any reason. With Apple you have absolutely no recourse, no alternate way to install that app, or the update to that application if there is a serious error in it. The best you could hope for is that you could convince Apple to auto-delete the erroneous application from everyone's phone who has it installed.

    With Android you are in no way tied to the "app store" for installing software and/or updates, plus the approval process (should you decide to use the app store) is quick and painless.

    An application publish can simply post a like on their web site to allow you to install or update their application.

    The application can also auto-check itself and update as needed, no so with any application running on an iPhone.

    Really, to use an iPhone for something such as a mission-critical application would be totally irresponsible.