Monday, November 16, 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2) now on T-Mobile

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 (also known as the Bold 2) is now available from T-Mobile. This new device is a little bit smaller than the previous Bold, but it still lacks a touch screen. I'm waiting for RIM to release a BlackBerry model that includes a hardware QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. What are they waiting for? Why should a touch screen and a hardware keyboard be mutually exclusive?

AT&T will also have its own version of the Bold 2. Maybe the Bold 3 will have a touch screen.

I realize that business users may not recognize the critical importance of a touch screen, but if you're working in the health care industry, then you will quickly recognize that a touch screen is invaluable because of the way many medical apps are designed. You will find that you are much more efficient using a device that has a touch screen.

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  1. But what if you are a health professional but work in the industry, so it really wouldn't matter whether it's a touch or not, right?