Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cough into your mobile phone to get diagnosed instantly

Do you have a cold? The flu? Pneumonia? Viral or bacterial? COPD? Asthma? What if you could simply cough into your mobile phone to get your cough diagnosed instantly? We should ask Suzanne Smith of STAR Analytical Services, a Massachusetts company developing cough-analyzing software for disease diagnosis. According to MSNBC, STAR Analytical Services was awarded a Gates Foundation grant to develop the software for developing countries.

This same software could potentially end up on your mobile phone (more likely a smartphone, but who knows?). Before we know it, our little handheld device will have some other scanners like an infrared thermometer, an oropharynx analyzer, a finger pulse oximeter, a breathalyzer to detect H. pylori and other infections, and much more. Step aside James Bond and get ready for the medical smartphone of the future!

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