Monday, November 02, 2009

Mobile MerckMedicus

Looking for some free medical software for your smartphone? Have you tried Mobile MerckMedicus? It's free and it's easy to use (thanks to Unbound Medicine). It's currently available for the following smartphone operating systems:
  • BlackBerry®
  • Windows Mobile®
  • Palm OS® (v.5 or later)
  • Android
Yes, that's right: Android. That's Google Android. So, if you have an HTC Hero or a Motorola Droid, you're in luck!

Now, what's missing from this list? Where's the Apple iPhone? Where's webOS for the Palm Pre?

What type of content will you get? Here's the current list:
  • The Merck Manual, Professional Edition [ 10 MB PDA Memory]
  • Harrison's Practice - Answers on Demand [ 16 MB PDA Memory]
  • Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, 5/e [ 4 MB PDA Memory]
  • MEDLINE Journals, Selected [ 15k PDA Memory]
  • Reuters Medical News [ 15 KB PDA Memory]
  • RSS News Feeds [ 5 KB PDA Memory]
You can pick and choose your content based on how much storage space you have on your device. I suggest that you use a memory card for all these large medical apps. You may quickly run out of internal RAM if you try to store these large books on your handheld.

To access Mobile MerckMedicus, visit:

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