Friday, November 13, 2009

Palm Pixi (webOS) at a bargain price

The Palm Pixi is a "budget" smartphone for those who insist on having a smartphone running webOS. If you can't afford the Palm Pre, then you can probably afford the Palm Pixi. Circulating rumors are suggesting that you can purchase the Palm Pixi for only $30. Visit your local Walmart this holiday season and good luck finding one. You'll need to be on the Sprint/Nextel wireless network to use this CDMA smartphone.

The Palm Pixi is like an ultra thin and slim version of the old Palm Treo. Did you own one of those? Many people are actually still using a Palm Treo (either running the original Palm OS or Microsoft Windows Mobile). It's coming to Sprint on November 15 for $99.99, but look for some rebates (or simply go to Walmart) if you're on a tight budget. Ah, those good old medical school days when I used to be on a really tight budget...

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