Thursday, December 24, 2009

iPhone 4G rumors

There are growing rumors regarding the next generation iPhone. I will not be surprised if it's called the Apple iPhone 4G. By then, we may be using a different system and the distinction between CDMA vs. GSM may not be relevant. Let's wait to see how networks transition from 3G to 4G and UMTS.

So, here are some of the rumors floating around:
  • 64 GB or storage space (not surprising, considering the iPod touch already comes with 64 GB)
  • 5 MP camera. Wow! Let's hope we see an LED flash.
  • Smaller screen? Really? Instead of a 3.5" screen, we may see a 2.8" screen. I think that makes sense. 
  • Available on Verizon Wireless. Well, we had been hearing about that for a while, but let's hope it's available on multiple networks. Why limit yourself to a single carrier? That simply doesn't make sense and I think Android will move ahead because of the way it's currently positioned.
I guess Apple must not have any plans to release a thicker version of an "iPhone Pro" and include a hardware slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Personally, I think that would attract many business users who rely on buttons for typing. Apple should offer both an iPhone 4G and an iPhone "Pro" 4G. Then again, maybe by the time the 4G comes out, we'll be so accustomed to on-screen typing that we won't want to go back to a hardware keyboard.


  1. What we really need is a carrier free iPhone for in hospital wifi only applications, Push notifications from the server, better device management and the ability to run in the background.... Just dreaming

  2. There's an iPod Touch available with WiFi for that description of usage. I use it all the time. The wireless connection, maintained by the IT dept, is encrypted so it's secure.