Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Most popular free medical apps for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch

Although I don't have an Apple iPhone, I have an iPod touch and I use this frequently to access and test various medical apps on this device. This week, I reviewed the list of "popular" free medical apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and here's the current list:
  1. Medscape by WebMD
  2. Color Blind Test by Tomato Co, Ltd
  3. Epocrates by Epocrates
  4. Stool Scanner Lite by Shaved Ham
  5. Medical Encyclopedia by University of Maryland Medical System
  6. Stress Check by AIIR Consulting LLC
  7. Relax Ocean Waves by FreeApps
  8. Muscle System by, LLC
  9. Health Tips 1000 by Michael Quach
  10. Skeletal System by, LLC
Remember that when you're on the Apple App Store, "Medical" is its own category. It doesn't fall inside of "References" and it doesn't fall under "Healthcare & Fitness." Some of the apps listed above should probably go under "Healthcare & Fitness," but they got listed under "Medical" instead.

The list above clearly indicates that these "popular" apps are not popular exclusively among health care professionals. The popularity rating is heavily influenced by consumers who are downloading free medical apps to play around with them and to learn more about medicine. That's part of the reason why you won't see some great free medical apps on that "top 10" list. I'll go into that in my next blog post.

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  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    And some of these apps should be in the humor category. #4 has no business in Medical.