Thursday, December 31, 2009

My wife needs a new smartphone

My wife is a family physician in private practice and she needs a new smartphone. Let me give you a bit of background on her:
  • One of her first PDAs was a Sony Clie running Palm OS (remember those?)
  • Then, she switched to Pocket PC/Windows Mobile. She used an HP iPaq for a while.
  • Then she upgraded to a smartphone. Her first one was a Palm Treo 700wx running Windows Mobile.
  • Her most recent smartphone has been a Samsung i760 (pictured above). 
  • Now, she planning on an upgrade with her "new every two" program on Verizon Wireless. 
She could leave Verizon and switch to AT&T to get the Apple iPhone, but she's "stuck" on Verizon since the overwhelming majority of our friends and family are on Verizon.
She could get another Windows Mobile smartphone on Verizon, but she wants something different.
She also uses a Mac, so she's more inclined to get a non-Windows Phone this time.

So, which smartphone will she end up getting? Stay tuned to find out! (Although at one point we were both using a Palm Treo 700wx running Windows Mobile, I don't think she would get the same phone that I would get.) Will she go with Android? BlackBerry? Or back to Windows Mobile?


    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      I would have thought an Android based phone would be a no-brainer here...

    2. WinMo. Too many apps are available for it. Android is not ready for primetime yet. There are literally thousands of themes and programs for WinMo. See..

    3. Droid Eris or a Blackberry Bold. iPhone doesn't let you run apps in the background so you will have much more flexibility.

    4. if you stick w/Verizon then I agree on the Andriod. If you leave (you can get unlimited plans everywhere now) I would suggest the iPhone of course, but also Sprint is coming out with a 4G anriod based phone next year, which is what I'm holding out for!

    5. She really wants a device that has both a hardware QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. That limits her choices quite a bit, but let's see what type of influence I can have on her.

    6. Anonymous2:46 PM

      My old Tungsten Palm just died and I have Sprint as my carrier. Was thinking of buying a new phone so I don't need 2 devices. Have a Samsung Instinct now so really never owned a "Smartphone". Which do you think is best: Palm Pre,HTC Touch Pro 2, Palm Pixi, or a Blackberry. I really want to be able to effectively and easily use Epocrates.

    7. My wife is a PA and uses her TP2 on Verizon with Rosen and Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult and Archimedes 360°™ Medical Calculator and it works great. With all the stuff available for winmo on

      Android has along way to go.