Friday, December 11, 2009

Reviewing medical apps

I've had the opportunity to review many different types of medical apps (applications) for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch; RIM BlackBerry; Palm OS; Google Android; and Microsoft Windows Mobile. I enjoy testing devices, apps, etc. It's fun to play around with different devices and apps because I find myself thinking like a software developer. In other words, I'm constantly asking myself: "What would I do differently?" "Where would I place these buttons?" "How should the navigation function?" "Is the interface confusing?"

Do you ask those questions? What may seem intuitive to one person may not be intuitive to someone else.

If you like to test and review medical apps, then perhaps you'll want to join me as I recruit people to test medical apps. You may wish to have an opportunity to test and evaluate a current app so that it could be better. Or, perhaps you'll want to provide feedback to the development team before an app is released. If you're interested, then I encourage you to join my "non-clinical healthcare professionals" network to learn more about possible future opportunities to test and evaluate smartphone medical apps.

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  1. I'm interested in providing assistance. I'm curious how FDA views these apps.