Friday, January 08, 2010

Epocrates on Windows Mobile 6.5

If you've upgraded your HTC Touch Pro2, then you'll be glad to know that Epocrates now runs on Windows Mobile 6.5. If you have an HTC Imagio or a Samsung Omnia II, then you can run Epocrates.

In order to install Epocrates on a smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5, you have to follow a slightly different set of directions listed below:

Epocrates does indeed support Windows Mobile 6.5.

While installation through a computer should be in essence the same as installing to a Windows Mobile 6.1 and older device, installing directly to a wireless Windows Mobile 6.5 device is a bit different.
  1. Open Internet Explorer on your Windows Mobile 6.5 handheld and navigate to the following web address.
    Please note that "www." is not part of the above web address.
  2. Select the "Install Now" button for "Windows Mobile 5 and later."
  3. Please take note of where Internet Explorer prompts you to save the Epocrates installer file (Main Memory or Expansion card). It is called:

  4. Open File Explorer on your handheld and navigate to My Device, My Documents. You should see the "OTAUpgraderSigned.exe" file there. Tap on it to begin the install process.
Click here to view the instructions on the Epocrates support site.


  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    still doesnt work on an Omnia 2, no icons appear and files can not be opened

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I have a Treo Pro....It keeps telling me there is no expansion card when I have one there. Epocrates will not synch with the card there, but did at least once with it out. When I put it back in the epocrates program started with the same message...there is no expansion card. Anyone else have that problem?