Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus now on Verizon Wireless

If you're a customer on Verizon Wireless, you may like to know that the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus are now available on Verizon Wireless for $149.99 and $99.99, respectively.

I wonder if this is the smartphone my wife will get. She's a family physician in private practice. She used to have a Sony Clie running the original Palm OS. Then, she switched to a Palm Treo and began using Windows Mobile. Now, I think she's ready to try webOS (although I'm trying to convince her to go with an Android smartphone). Given that she needs to run Epocrates right away, neither webOS nor Android are optimal for her. So, what's she going to do?  Hint: she's waiting for the Apple iPhone to arrive on Verizon.

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