Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medical students are using the iPhone or iPod touch to study medicine

Today's medical students have access to some incredible educational resources. On the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, you can download some great apps that can help you study when you're "on the go." Instead of carrying your heavy textbook everywhere, you can use your iPod to study at the gym, on the train, etc. Instead of staring at a textbook to memorize medical information, medical students are using interactive multimedia resources to study medicine.

Some of my favorite educational medical apps include the anatomy apps made by 3D4Medical.com and you can try some of these as "free" apps. I wonder how many medical schools provide included subscriptions to these resources for their medical students.

Medical students are also using the multimedia features found on smartphones like the iPhone to view recorded video lectures and listen to audio podcasts (also lectures) while they're exercising on the treadmill or walking around a track. I wish I had these types of resources when I was a medical student.

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Hi doc.,
    I wonder which phone would be better ., the iphone 3GS or the HTC HD2 to run medical apps ? as well as freeware like medscape ..would like your opinion.Difficult to make up my mind, the HTC hd2 hardware is way better than iphone but how is it for docs who need all those reference stuff ?