Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review of the QuantiaMD smartphone app for Android

Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to review the QuantiaMD smartphone app for Android. I've used QuantiaMD on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, so I'm quite familiar with this innovative medical app. QuantiaMD also has a smartphone app for the BlackBerry, but they don't currently have an app for Windows Mobile (but you can access QuantiaMD using your mobile web browser).

The QuantiaMD interface on Android is very similar to that found on the iPhone. The main difference is that there's a small gray bar that sits on the bottom of your screen. Slide that bar up and you'll get access to the main navigation menu. Here, you can access clinical activities, educational content, communities, and much more. You'll even find a case challenge involving H1N1.

After you log in as a validated member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the Monthly Medical Challenge. It's a great way to test your knowledge of medical trivia and earn some Q-Points. I spent most of my time in the Expert Practice Series where you can learn about clinical topics or non-clinical topics such as "coding for revenue," or "understanding and complying with HIPAA." I also enjoyed earning "Q-Points" through activities like the Expert Practice Series. You'll see a multimedia presentation of a clinical case that also includes some embedded multiple choice questions. I love the clinical photos. Some of these are creative market research activities and you can earn Q-Points that can lead to Amazon credit. Here's a brief explanation of Q-Points:

Validated members of QuantiaMD can only earn Q-Points by engaging in market research activities which offer clinical value and unique peer exchange opportunities focused on the improvement of patient care. Validated members who accrue Q-Points by participating in market research activities may exchange them in increments of 100 Q-Points for an electronic® Gift Card.
The QuantiaMD smartphone app also allows you to interact with a clinician-only community when you click on the "Question & Consult" section of the app. You can also go to the "community" section and access short clinical cases and other presentations that are relevant to your specialty. Once you start exploring QuantiaMD on your smartphone, you'll quickly realize that the app is unlike any other medical smartphone app. The interface is unique, the content is engaging, and you have the opportunity to interact with other physicians. It's a portal to a host of medical presentations, clinical cases, and an online physician community. Before you realize it, you'll be collecting Q-Points and you may end up with an Amazon gift card.

So, here's a summary of some of the key features you'll find on QuantiaMD:

Expert Presentations
  • Leading physicians deliver multimedia presentations on the most critical clinical and performance issues in medicine. Interact and debate with peers and download and collect completion certificates.
Earn and Redeem Q-Points
  • Be rewarded for contributing your valuable time by completing surveys, finishing the monthly clinical challenge, and referring colleagues. Q-Points are redeemable for gift cards.
Compete Nationally
  • Compete for national ranking in our exciting monthly medical challenge, as well as specialty challenges.
Free CME
  • QuantiaMD brings you outstanding CME from partners in an interactive and concise format you can’t find anywhere else.
100% Clinician
  • Each member’s identity is verified. You can be sure that only other clinicians are commenting, posting a question, or contributing presentations
Go to from your smartphone's browser and follow the download instructions.

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