Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Allscripts Remote (access your EHR using a smartphone)

The other day, I got into a conversation regarding the use of smartphones to access electronic health records (EHRs). We had been talking about Epic, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, NextGen, GE Centricity, AthenaHealth, and a few other major EHR solutions. Then the conversation shifted to Allscripts Remote. Are you familiar with this solution? Here's a snippet from the Allscripts website:
Allscripts Remote™ enables providers to remotely control their Allscripts Enterprise EHR or Allscripts Professional EHR from any location. In a matter of seconds, providers can access the power of their practice’s EHR through their Apple® iPhone™, iPod Touch®, BlackBerry®, or Windows Mobile device.

With Allscripts Remote, difficult medical decisions that need to be made while out of the office, at the hospital, on call or on personal time can be made more effectively – thus helping providers take control of their time. And with Allscripts Remote, these decisions and actions are recorded in the Allscripts EHR for an immediate, complete and accurate patient record.

Compatible with Enterprise EHR v11 and Professional EHR v. 8.1 and higher, Remote is offered at no cost to physicians for a free thirty day trial.
You can learn more about Allscripts Remote by visiting the corporate website here. I wonder when they will release a native app for smartphones running Android.

Here's some more information about Allscripts Remote:

Features of Allscripts Remote include: 
Patient Summary > Improved medical decision making with real-time access to the latest patient information.
> Ability to call the patient's home phone with a single tap (available on iPhone only)
> Ability to review patient summary while speaking with patient on the iPhone (available on iPhone only)
ePrescribing with Formulary and Drug Interaction Checking > Quickly access to full ePrescribing including favorites and full medication search and custom signatures.
> Drug interaction checking
> Access patient-specific formulary status
> Actions are fully documented in Allscripts EHR
Fax to Emergency Room > Improved continuity of care with up-to-date patient summary information sent directly to emergency rooms. 
> Ability to choose from a list of area Emergency Rooms
> Actions are fully documented in Allscripts EHR
Document Call Reduced medical liability through better documentation of out-of-office actions.
Find Patient > Intuitive searching allows providers to quickly find the patient based on the information they know.
> Ability to quickly find a patient by searching for last 4 digits of their phone number
Schedule > Ability to access to the latest schedule which is very helpful planning tool for providers 
> View of schedule provides an easy way to find a recent patient seen in the office (or a patient who is coming in soon).
Manage Task List > Ability to maximize efficiency with remote access to task list
> Ability to monitor task list for new and urgent tasks
> Ability to improve resolution time for Medication refill requests
> Ability to review and take action on Lab Results

Allscripts Remote makes a healthcare provider's life easier with:
  • Quick access to real-time patient summary information
  • Fast communication to local hospital emergency rooms
  • Convenient ePrescribing to the patient’s regular pharmacy
  • Reliable documentation from anywhere at anytime
  • Anytime access to your task list including medication refills and lab results
Allscripts Remote also helps patients with:
  • Improved continuity of care with a medical summary faxed to the ER annotated with the provider’s instructions
  • Safer medications with accurate medication and allergy lists combined with drug interaction checking
  • Convenience of an ePrescription waiting at the pharmacy

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