Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Skyscape mystery coupon ends today (Feb 2)

Skyscape recently sent me a mystery coupon that will allow me to save 10%, 15%, or 20% on my purchase. Since I don't need to purchase any software from Skyscape, I thought I'd share this mystery coupon with my readers.

Here's the coupon code: WYNT-HFPQ-GRLG  (Promotion good through Feb 2nd, 2010.)
Skyscape is pleased to offer mystery coupons ranging from 10-20% off your Skyscape order. Make your selections from our portfolio of over 500 trusted medical resources across 35 specialties.

Place any Skyscape resource* in your shopping cart and then, at checkout, enter your coupon code below to see if you save 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Our commitment to provide you with quick, innovative and trusted resources goes well beyond the 'words'. Skyscape is the only company that provides over 500 resources, spanning 35+ specialties across all medical professions, available on 7 major platforms. The trusted, gold-standard content is delivered from our partners that include world's largest publishers, prestigious medical societies as well as leading medical institutions. And we know that you know this. Also, you are the reason why we have chosen to do our business in this manner.
* Discounts cannot be combined or applied to past purchases, or used on select references, Sky Platinum membership fee, Constellations, Skyscape Gift Certificates, MedStream, Value Packages or Hardware. Discounts are taken automatically at checkout.

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