Friday, February 05, 2010

Motorola DEVOUR brings MOTOBLUR to Verizon

Motorola is coming out with another Android smartphone. This one is called the DEVOUR and it comes with MOTOBLUR, "Motorola’s unique Android™-powered content delivery service created to make wireless phones more personal and customizable." The DEVOUR will be the first smartphone to feature MOTOBLUR. 

Now, is MOTOBLUR just a gimmick, or will it really offer some unique customization that will attract more users to the Android operating system?
MOTOBLUR is the first solution to sync contacts from work and personal e-mail services, including Gmail™, with posts, messages, photos and more from popular sites such as Facebook®, MySpace and Twitter.
It's great to see Motorola getting back into some innovative, cutting-edge mobile phones. Many years ago, I had a Motorola StarTAC. Then, I replaced that with a Motorola Razr.

Will the DEVOUR be called the Droid DEVOUR or simply DEVOUR? Maybe it will be too confusing if it's called the Droid DEVOUR since Motorola currently has the Droid.

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