Thursday, February 04, 2010

Top 3 search engine keywords focus on Android or Droid

What are the top 3 search engine keywords/phrases that people are typing into search engines like Google and Yahoo to end up on They are:
  1. android vs iphone
  2. medical apps for droid
  3. droid medical apps  
Notice a theme here? The word "android" or "droid" are popular search terms right now. Everyone in the medical industry wants to compare the Android smartphones against the Apple iPhone. Given that Android is still a relatively "new" OS, we won't find too many medical apps for it. There are plenty of medical apps in my opinion and more will get released over the next few months, but those who need immediate access to critical apps like Epocrates will need to get a different smartphone.

I think it will be very interesting to do this comparison in 12 months. When we prepare to enter 2011, which smartphone OS will dominate the health care industry? It may still be Apple's iPhone, but Google's Android will be a close second.

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