Monday, March 08, 2010

80% of all US physicians will be using smartphones by 2012

How many doctors are currently using smartphones? Here are some snippets from a recent story on Medical Marketing and Media:
  • About 80% of all US physicians will be using smart phones by 2012, and not just for drug reference or clinical information... according to Manhattan Research survey.
  • An explosion of new healthcare professional-facing apps - over 1,500 in Apple's app store alone - will expand mobile device usage to include patient care and administrative functions, according to Manhattan Research survey.
  • A recent SDI survey found that iPhones were used most among docs using smart phones to access medical information.
  • "Handheld devices are becoming more and more useful to physicians, partly because of the boom in physician-oriented apps and portable content," said Monique Levy, senior director of research at Manhattan Research.
  • Creating smart phone apps for physicians makes a lot of sense, considering that docs have been using PDAs, with applications, for a long time, said  Jeannette Kocsis, SVP, digital marketing, at Harte-Hanks Direct. The mobile-optimized web is also important, said Kocsis, particularly because updates are managed by the website host, as opposed to a physician having to update an application.
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  1. In some ways that 80% number looks low. With just a bit of expanded definition, i.e. the coming tablet devices, Apple's targeting of healthcare w/its iPad, et al...the adoption curve will be primarily driven by physician-facing app availability and enhancement of clinical and patient functioning ... the percentage could well be even higher. Not only reference apps,clinic records, but a whole new area --- that of patient education is coming. We're already moving on that with the rich media of our Blausen Medical Atlases 3D animations via an iPhone and soon-to-come iPad optimized app. Check out the demo .
    Bruce Blausen CEO Blausen Medical