Monday, March 08, 2010

Top keywords: "droid medical apps" and "medical apps for droid"

Over the past few weeks, the top keywords that have caused people to visit include:
  1.  droid medical apps
  2.  medical apps for droid
  3.  medical droid apps 
Notice a theme? All these Android users are searching for useful medical apps for their Droid smartphone. I'm sure some are using the HTC Droid Eris or a different Android device like the Nexus One, G1, Hero, or Devour.

Right now, if you type any of these keywords (phrases) into Google, you'll see that this comes up as #1. Search engines are dynamic and this keyword listing/ranking could change in a few weeks. Recently, the top keyword used to be "Android vs iPhone" but I guess that debate has been answered by most people.

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