Saturday, March 06, 2010

Smartphone coupon codes

When's the last time you used a coupon code for an online purchase? How often do you use the Internet to search for coupon codes? I use them all the time, but sometimes you may find codes that are invalid or expired.  I will frequently post coupon or discount codes on my blog for my readers. I recently posted some discount coupon codes for medical software (medical apps) and even some smartphone accessories.

Now, if you know where to look, you can find some great deals through these coupon codes. The other day, I was shopping for some accessories and I decided to look for a Dell coupon code. I needed to get a battery for an old Dell Axim Pocket PC (remember those?). After searching on Google and browsing several different sites, I finally found a coupon code that I could use to get free shipping.

I also have a few HP iPaq Pocket PC and smartphones and I was browsing the HP website looking for discounts. After searching on Google, I found some an HP coupon code that had expired. No luck with HP on Google. Then, I dug through some old e-mails and found an Amazon code so I purchased the item through Amazon instead.

Sometimes, you may be shopping for someone else. My family members are always asking me to make purchases for them since they know that I frequently shop on the Internet. My cousin needed something for his Sony Vaio and I couldn't find it on Amazon so I shopped on the Sony site. I could have gone to the Sony store, but why pay for tax and shipping if you can have it shipped for free? I fortunately found a great Sony coupon code that I used right away.

So, the next time you get ready to shop online, make sure to look for some coupon codes. You might get lucky and find something to help you save.

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