Saturday, March 06, 2010

Top 5 Android Medical Apps

If you're using an Android smartphone, then you've probably discovered that the list of professional medical apps is relatively short compared to the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and even BlackBerry. This trend will change dramatically this year as more medical app developers and publishers release medical apps for Android.

Here's my current list of "top 5Android medical apps" (this list will probably change in a few months):
  1. Epocrates (now available for Android!)
  2. UpToDate (via mobile web browser)
  3. QuantiaMD (you'll have to try it. it's a great app that provides education and other resources)
  4. Skyscape Android Reader (plus, the entire list of books and references)
  5. Unbound Medicine (plus, the entire list of books and references) 
When it comes to specific books and references, I would suggest the following:
  • 5-Minute Clinical Consult
  • Davis's Drug Guide 
  • Taber's Medical Dictionary
  • Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests 
I realize that we're going to see many new medical apps arriving in the next few months, so stay tuned and make sure to follow this blog for the latest updates. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, since there is no way I could possibly highlight all the medical Android apps out there (like Lexi-Comp, PEPID, Mediquation, BEIKS Medical Dictionary, and all the other medical Android apps that are being developed). We'll have to revisit this list in a few months to see how the landscape has changed.

Finally, please remember that this is simply my personal "top 5" list based on my personal use experience. This list is likely to change over the next few months as apps evolve and as I try new and different apps. If you're currently developing a medical app for Android and you'd like me to review your app, please make sure to contact me.


  1. A new medical apps for Android from Clinically Relevant Technologies:

    CORE - Clinical ORthopaedic Exam
    Nearly 250 clinical tests for the physical exam of musculskeletal diagnosis. Includes written instructions, video demonstrations, and diagnostic properties for all tests (validity/reliability) with PUBMed referenced links

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