Friday, March 05, 2010

Smartphones were everywhere at #HIMSS10

Can you remember what life was like before you had a smartphone? Now, you probably get your e-mails delivered right to your pocket.

At HIMSS10, almost everyone had a smartphone. The HIMSS audience  represents a wide range of health IT professionals including many of the more “tech-savvy” medical professionals. What type of smartphone do you think predominates among such individuals? As expected, BlackBerry is still very popular amongst business users, but the Apple iPhone is ubiquitous among physicians and other health care professionals who work in digital hospitals. I also saw many people using Android smartphones and very few using devices running webOS or Windows Mobile.

EHR vendors were showing attendees how their EHR solution works on various different smartphones. Access to EHRs on smartphones is now almost a standard and expected feature. I'm sure this will be much more evident next year at HIMSS11.

Special thanks to HP for sponsoring me to attend HIMSS10 and blog about my experiences.

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