Friday, April 02, 2010

Would you leave AT&T and switch to Verizon for better iPhone features?

The current iPhone 3GS on AT&T does not allow tethering. The current iPhone has been plagued with connectivity issues on the AT&T network and has been blamed as the source for dropped calls and sluggish network performance on the AT&T network.

If Verizon got the iPhone, would you switch from AT&T to Verizon? What if the Verizon iPhone allows you to tether? What if the Verizon iPhone has a faster connection? What if...

I realize that these are many "what if's," but they could come true. When will the iPhone arrive on the Verizon Wireless network? Will it be in 2010? Will it be a 4G smartphone? Will it have features that you won't find on the AT&T version? Will it be limited to CDMA or will it be a World Phone with GSM capabilities?

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  1. If this happens, as has been rumored for some time now as Q3 2010, I will be among the first to switch to Verizon.

    The iPhone is the only reason I am an AT&T customer. I love the phone, and don't mind the network. I don't typically have problems making or receiving calls or texts. I usually get 3G. I also live in the NYC area.

    However, iPhone users have been cheated by ATT's less than great network. 2 years for MMS, still no tethering. The phone is capable, the network is not. All for the same data prices as Verizon.

    I do not believe Verizon would jeopardize their selling point (the network) for the iPhone. Therefore, I do not expect a drop in service or speed from them upon adding iPhones to the mix.

    Sign me up.